Word of Grace Church | Ministries


  • Children’s Ministry  We offer Sunday school classes for our youth during Sunday morning service at 10:00.
  • Women’s Ministry   We fellowship and serve together in faith, love, and unity. Our mission is to be committed to a deepening relationship with Christ through diligent prayer and the study of the Scriptures. Come out to enjoy special events such as retreats, crafts, tea parties, and more.
  • Men’s Ministry  Life-impacting ministry to men, by men, and with men, focusing on the transformation of  hearts, resulting in living Godly lives and becoming stronger disciples for Christ.
  • Outreach  To reach the lost for Jesus Christ, and to enable believers to share their faith, and experience a full life of   discipleship.  We meet on Saturday mornings at 9:00, weather permitting.  Please call ahead.
  • Life Groups  Opportunities to fellowship, pray, study the Bible, or reach others in a more intimate setting with friends.


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