Service Guidelines (Covid-19)

Word of Grace Church

Covid-19 Guidelines for social distancing and safe practices during church service.

Church will be open for service on Sundays starting May 24th 2020 at 10:00 am

Entering the church:

Entrance will be made from the rear of the church. Please keep a distance of six feet from others, and do not congregate. Masks must be worn by everyone attending the church for the entire time or entrance will be denied, (This is a state mandate).

Pay attention to instructions from the ushers, who will be seating you. Every other row will be closed off. Please pay attention to signs that will be posted throughout the church, that will have further safety guidelines.

Although physical distancing is usually observed at the individual level, it can be observed at the level of a social unit. For instance, those who live together as one social unit do not need to be physically separated at church. As a unit they can be physically separated from other social units. 

There will be a clearly marked basket in the main entryway for donations.

There will be hand sanitizers located at the entrance and in the bathrooms.

The church will be cleaned between each service and disinfectant will be used on high-contact surfaces, such as bathrooms and doorknobs, as per state guidelines.

Bathrooms will be sanitized and are available for use but you are encouraged to not use them unless absolutely necessary.

Attendance will be limited to 40% capacity of the church (state guidelines), our normal attendance numbers fall below this level.

We will not be having communion at this time, and no bulletins will be handed out.

There will be no child care services or Sunday school.

No gatherings are allowed before or after services, including serving coffee and food to attendees.

If you are a high risk individual we encourage you to stay home at this time. 

We will continue to have recorded services online but these will not be available until 7:00 pm on Sunday night.