Oded and Bimini Cohen


Oded and Bimini Cohen:  The Cohens faithfully labor in southern Israel to share the gospel of the Messiah Jesus on the streets.  Despite the recent dangers, they are trusting that He will continue to help them spread the Good News to those who face danger every day just trying to get to work.  They participate in periodic large campaigns to hand out literature and gain contacts, on which they diligently follow up.  Their second concentration after a contact accepts Christ is one-on-one discipleship, teaching God’s Word.

Pastor Will and Judy Leonard:  Will & Judy Leonard are currently  the longest tenured missionaries in Kolkata, having served for almost 30 years. The Leonards provide pastoral leadership for Living Hope Schools in West Bengal, India.  Living Hope serves 380 students and their families.  Will also helps oversee the Family of God Fellowship church.  In addition, they provide pastoral leadership for the Mukti Network, a network of all organizations involved in prevention of human trafficking and rescue of victims in West Bengal.

The Svoboda Family

Asia Specific

Phil and Shelley Svoboda:  The Svoboda family, together with two other families from New Tribes Missions, serves as Bible translators and teachers in a jungle village in Southeast Asia.  They have learned the language of the people group in their area (both verbal and written) and have been translating books of the Bible and teaching the new believers.  Although they have faced many hardships, they have faithfully ministered to the villagers.

Mazon Grace Church:  Located in Tema, Ghana in West Africa, Head Pastor Humphrey Ross succeeded Pastor Ernest Alawobu, its founder, who passed away in June, 2013.  Currently the church has 80 members and includes Men and Women Fellowship ministries, Youth ministry, Children’s ministry and Evangelism ministry.  The church has a Christian School designed to teach Christian virtues and academia to the children of the community.